Year 5


Subject  / Term 

Autumn 1 

Autumn 2 

Spring 1 

Spring 2 

Summer 1 

Summer 2


The Railway 

Children, Edith Nesbit

The Highwayman Alfred Noyes

The Tempest, William Shakespeare 

The Hobbit, 

J.R.R. Tolkien


Journey,  William Grill


Place Value 

Number, Addition and Subtraction. Multiplication and division.

Fractions, Equivalences. 

Adding and subtracting 

Fractions of amounts 

Mixed numbers to improper 



Place value of decimal 

X / 10,100,1000 

Percentages (conversion between % decimals and fractions) 

 Multiplying fractions

Ratio and proportion 

Shapes (perimeter) and angles. Statistics (times tables and graphs) Solving measures and money problems Shape and symmetry 

Position and direction 

Reasoning with patterns and sequences 3-D shapes


Autumn 1: The Rise of Islam, the Byzantine Empire, Arab conquests and the growth of the new born religion of Islam.

Spring 1: The Vikings, migrations, raiding and trading, legacies.

Summer 1: The Norman Conquest.


Autumn 2: Anglo-Saxon England – Christianity in Anglo-Saxon England, local exploration of Sutton Hoo and the division of the kingdoms.

Spring 2: England and the Vikings. 

Summer 2: Local History – Norwich Cathedral


Oceans – World oceans, currents, human trade, plastic pollution and changing climates.

Agriculture: Food supply and demand across the world, farming and the supply chain of different products, in depth study of the cocoa industry and fair trade.

Brazil’s Population: megacities and favelas, population distribution across the world and across Brazil, inequality between the cities and favelas, rural to urban migration and in depth study of Curitiba. 


Tectonic Hazards: Earthquakes – Plate boundaries and earthquakes, an in depth study of California.

Rainforests: the Amazon as a habitat, food growth in the Amazon, deforestation and human settlement

Antarctica: climate exploration, human settlement and research.


Physics: Space and orbits. 

Anatomy and Physiology: Human organ systems.

Summer 1: Python Programming Summer 2: Biology: Ecology, life cycles.

Physics: Forces and motion, changing forces.

Chemistry: Changing Materials

Art & DT

Formal elements: Shape

Exploring the Cubism movement in art and the work of Picasso.

Formal elements: Painting.

Looking at the use of colour and paint in landscape paintings. Explore the art of Hundertwasser.

Drawing unit based on human figures.

Exploring the art of Leonardo Da Vincent.

Printing unit -based on abstract art and artifacts.

Exploring the art of Joan Miro.

Sculpture unit - based on objects and abstraction/ use of negative spaces. 

Exploring the art of Anish Kapoor.

Mixed Media unit -based on landscapeand abstraction.

Simplifying images to a minimal form. 

Exploring the art of Piet Mondrian and Marc Chagall.


Being me in my world. 

Celebrating difference.

Dreams and goals. 

Healthy me.


Changing me.



Invasion games 

Dance and team games


Christianity: Beliefs and Worldviews 

Religious and non-religious beliefs. 

Islam: A way of living.

Christianity: Morality and Action 

Islam: Authority, origins and texts.

How to ‘read’ a church and how to ‘read’ a mosque.


(Year B)

Canon: Superman Theme, John Williams 

Theory: Perfect intervals, ties, tonality, relative keys, major/minor 3rds, notes to 2 ledger lines

Canon: Morning from Peer Gynt - Grieg 

Theory: 6|8 time signature, 

sequences (stepwise), E minor, 1st inversion of tonic triads, more intervals

Canon: Toccata & Fugue in D minor (JS Bach) 

Theory: D minor, Harmonic & Melodic scales, working out the key of a piece, 2nd inversion of tonic triads, broken chords, primary chords, theme & variations


x5 table & time 

Food/drink (likes and dislikes) 


Sports (likes/dislikes and describing sports), applying phonics to Spanish and using a Spanish dictionary.

Musical instruments and types of music Verbs of opinion