School Council

Stradbroke school council have been very busy so far this academic year after being elected by their peers back in September. They have worked hard on the school vision and supported the whole school with some of the keywords used in it. They will be making a video of it shortly for this website to share with the whole school community.

The school council has also interviewed our new member of the reception team. They made up part of the interview process and quizzed them with some of their own questions to find out if they were the right person for the job and join our team.

Next on the agenda, they are interested in meeting with governors (virtually) to support them in their work with the academy and to also find out what a governor does and their role in supporting the school. They have also conducted a behaviour survey and the results are even better than last year, with the majority of children saying they enjoy coming to school all the time and feel safe. They also feel that the adults listen to them and resolve any behaviour issues effectively.

Fundraising has been important to the school council. For Children in Need and Red Nose Day, the group made decisions around what to come into school wearing, what activities to do and how they could raise money.

Stradbroke school council remains committed to being the ‘pupil voice’ in the school and to strive to be part of the improvements the school makes.