School Council

The Stradbroke School Council is elected at the beginning of each academic year following a democratic vote by each class for the two children with the most votes to represent their class.

The new school council's first job is to choose the colour and design of their badge for the year. You will see our School Council members proudly wearing their badges as part of their uniform. This is so that anyone can easily identify them, especially the children as one of their roles is to support all the children in their school.

The roles the school council are responsible for include; supporting the leadership with interviews, helping to conduct behaviour and keeping safe surveys during the year, supporting other children around the school, supporting their class teacher, taking on projects to improve the school and school environment and most importantly being the pupil voice in school for their class.

School councillors also have a role to play in annual fundraising events such as Children in Need and Red Nose Day. Together they decide what activities will happen on those days.

Stradbroke school council remains committed to being the ‘pupil voice’ in the school and to striving to be part of the improvements the school makes.