Our Eco-Commitment

July 12th 2023

As part of the Department for Education’s Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy, we have committed to reducing energy usage by 20% to both reduce costs and help save our planet, all while helping our students understand why both of these things are so important. 

As part of the Inspiration Trust, we are proud to say we are currently hitting this target and there are a number of initiatives that have been put in place to ensure we are successful in our mission to become more environmentally-friendly. 

At Stradbroke we are fully committed to saving electricity whenever and wherever we can. Through the use of school assemblies and an active Eco-Team, the whole school has come on board with our energy-saving drive and we are really starting to see a difference now in our energy consumption! 

Some of the actions we have taken include creating a survey to see how comfortable children are with the classroom temperature during lessons and a very popular poster campaign reminding everyone of the ways we can save electricity. The Eco-Team has been involved in reading meters to help us monitor our fuel consumption, and there is a school-wide drive to turn lights off whenever we feel they are not required.

The Eco-Team have also been involved in the wider community, planting trees in Great Yarmouth to help with air pollution and raising awareness of the environment and sustainability.